Our Story So Far

Kingdom Vineyard began in November 2004, when Toby & Carol Foster started a homegroup in St Andrews. For several years before that, God had been speaking to Toby & Carol about church-planting in Scotland, and the vision gradually homed in on the eastern half of the “Kingdom of Fife" (from where we get our name). From that single homegroup, the church has grown to about 140 people, a mix of local residents and university students.

In 2018, founding Pastors Toby & Carol retired, handing over senior leadership to Jim & Rachel Cronin, two longstanding members of Kingdom Vineyard who first joined while students at the University of St Andrews. Jim & Rachel had moved away from Fife after graduating, but like many "KV Alumni" they kept in touch and visited often. As Toby & Carol planned their retirement, God began speaking to Jim & Rachel about moving to Fife to serve the church.

The story of God’s clear guidance and confirmation both to Toby & Carol and to Jim & Rachel is one of unstopping faithfulness, as God has continued to grow and bless the Kingdom Vineyard.

Fosters & Cronins (Original Landscape).jpg