Reading with the Spirit - July

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Last year we worked through the bible in a year, this year we're still reading Scripture, but in an entirely different way - using an ancient spiritual practice called Lectio Divina.

This involves taking a short passage (approx 10 verses) and reading it slowly, prayerfully and repeatedly. We're not trying to analyse or understand, but instead we're inviting the Holy Spirit to use the words of Scripture to speak to us, today.

Lectio Divina isn't reading Scripture for information; it's listening to God for our transformation.

As before, daily posts will appear on our facebook group ( with a passage of Scripture we can all use together.

For those not on facebook, a monthly post here will go up including the readings for that month. See July’s below and pick up a flyer with lectio divina instructions at the noticeboards on a Sunday morning.

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