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I'm new - what should I expect?

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We know it can sometimes be scary to visit a new church – especially if you’ve never really been to church before – so we’ve written this brief guide to what you can expect.

Our services are informal and friendly, with a ‘family’ feel to them. People in the church are used to introducing themselves to visitors, so we hope that you'll be greeted by a friendly face as you arrive, and made to feel part of the family very quickly.


What should I wear?

There’s no dress-code, so people come in comfortable and smart casual clothes, just what you might wear out and about in everyday life. You don’t have to wear anything special or feel like you need to dress up in your “Sunday Best”. We believe that God wants to meet us as we actually are – not as we feel we should be!


We hold our Sunday morning services at a public hall called the Victory Memorial Hall in St Andrews. The worship service is upstairs, but before and after the service we socialise in the downstairs space. There's free parking in the car parks and on the streets until 1pm


Before the service

We start our time together with tea and fresh coffee and doughnuts at 10:10am (no charge!). It's a chance to relax, chat and get to know each other, before our worship service starts upstairs at 10:30am.


What do the children do?


Children are really welcome, and we consider children full members of our church. At 10:20 the coffee area is transformed into a space for kids to have their own great time in KV Kids, where our dedicated team of leaders combine learning about Jesus with fun, games and crafts, while parents can go upstairs and take part in the service.


During the service

The room is laid out with seats facing the front, and people come in and grab a seat wherever they like. We begin with one of the leaders grabbing a microphone and welcoming everyone, and then inviting people to stand to sing worship songs.

We really value honest, heartfelt worship, and we use contemporary songs in an extended time of music and singing at the beginning of the service (usually around 25 minutes long). The words for all of the songs are projected onto a screen at the front of the church, so everybody can read them together as we sing. There is no need to learn them by heart! 

If during this time someone feels that God has given them a message to share with the church (sometimes a word, or a picture, or an impression), they are invited to share this quietly with the person leading the service, who prays and considers whether to share that message during the service. Messages that are shared are spoken to the whole room (we don't usually have a clue who they're for!), and very often people will experience God having given somebody a message that was perfect for them that morning. We love seeing God speaking to people, today.


People are invited to take their seats, and the leader will let the church know about any news or upcoming events, and baskets are passed around for people to give financially to the work of the church. Guests are not expected to give, so feel free to pass the basket along if you would like to. Members of the church are expected to have a lifestyle of giving to God, in response to His love for us.


Next, our preacher for the morning is invited to get up and speak to the church. We really value the Bible, and having Bible passages explored and explained in a way that brings God’s message to humanity to life, and so the preaching you’ll hear at Kingdom Vineyard is designed to help each of us to get to know God better for ourselves (you can check out messages from our Sunday mornings here). Some people bring Bibles to church with them (or use Bible apps on their phones) to read along with the Bible passage being talked about that morning, but we also put the words on the screen, so you can read along there.

After the preacher's talk, the church is invited to stand up again for some more singing worship together.

We absolutely love the presence of God, and seeing Him meet with people. At the end of every service we offer an opportunity to receive prayer and to meet with God through His Holy Spirit in our Prayer Ministry time. Whilst the church stand and sing worship songs, anybody who would like prayer is invited to make their way to the front, and members of our church who have been trained in praying for people sensitively come and offer to pray for them. 



After the service

Another opportunity to grab a coffee and chat with people before leaving for the afternoon.


We meet in a public hall up a flight of stairs and we regret that there is no disabled access.